behind the scenes at the IPIA

Industry Leaders

IPIA was born out of a need to create a better packrafting curriculum. 

The recent rise in popularity of the sport, has meant more people are discovering packrafting with little to no prior paddling experience. 

IPIA founders noticed that most packrafting specific curriculum was based on modified kayaking or swift-water rescue courses, but neither option suits the beginner packrafter.

We have used our decades of packrafting and teaching experience to create a scaffolded packrafting curriculum from the ground up. Our curriculum is about teaching packrafting skills, not kayaking skills in a packraft.

We place a high emphasis on self-rescue and responsible decision making. We introduce third party rescue skills (swiftwater rescue skills) only at more intermediate levels when a paddler’s proficiency makes them capable of assuming these roles. We focus on creating smart, safe, and self-sufficient packrafters.

Simply put, our curriculum represents the new standard in packrafting education.


Outdoor Lovers

Our instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have set out from the beginning to become packrafting professionals, others have been attracted to the sport through various adventures–climbing,  biking, kiting, coastal navigation, canyoning, thru-hiking, hunting and fishing–you name it.

Some of us even came from the dark side of kayaking. [Only kidding. We love kayakers. But we always win whenever the race requires carrying your own boat. Not kidding there.]

Every one of us, however, has a passion for both the outdoors and the way packrafting expands our enjoyment of it.  

We’ve used our little inflatable boats to paddle remote rivers, cross mountain ranges and skillfully navigate epic rapids. We’ve carried them with us on skis, bikes, and on airplanes all over the world. 

We understand their supreme versatility and that everyone will use theirs in their own way to help explore their own slice of paradise with friends, family, a dog, or even just in their own company. 

Happy paddling.


We are Teachers

Our instructors are not just great packrafters, but great people and teachers too!


We love to Explore

And our favorite tool of exploration is the packraft. Let us show you you why!

We Take It Step-By-Step

Our scaffolded lessons provide a solid foundation in critical packrafting skills. 

We Keep It Simple

We teach you only what you need to know and leave out all the stuff you don’t. 

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We believe anyone can learn to packraft

Packrafting can change the way you think about and experience the outdoors, but it’s not without risks.

Taking a course from IPIA is a great way to learn the basics from safety focused professionals.

Ready to take a step towards becoming a safer packrafter?

Let's do it together

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