IPIA LEVEL 1 – Practical

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The Level 1 – practical part is for those of you attending the practical training, which is very highly recommended.

  • Before you attend your training read through the points to get an idea of what is coming
  • After your practical training : Please read carefully through the Lesson points and check you have done all of them in your training. Please mark them completed.
  • Next step please leave us your feedback – your instructor will go through it to make sure everything is in order. Once happy we will sign you off and leave you some comments.

NOTE : You can only get signed of for the full IPIA Packrafter Level 1 after completing the practical part of this course. An IPIA instructor will need to sign you of once you completed and met the requirements for the practise. Please see OUR INSTRUCTORS for instructors near you.

As this course is growing we will have more and more instructors closer to you.

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