Comprehensive Packrafting Curriculum

Our education system is based on individual curriculum levels designed to give you the knowledge and skills to go out and gain  experience on your own. 

And when you’ve done that and are ready to learn more?  Come back and see us for the next step in your progression. Our education system can take you all the way from packrafting novice to packrafting professional. 

Packrafter training on river

Are you already a kayak or packraft instructor and interested in teaching the IPIA curriculum?

Start shopping for your packrafting education below!

Packrafter Level 1

The perfect place to start for beginner paddlers. Prepares students to continue gaining packrafting experience on rivers up to Grade II.

Packrafter Level 2

Ideal for intermediate level packrafters already comfortable paddling Grade II and wanting to progress to bigger and more technical water on longer and more remote trips.

Rescue Course

For competent paddlers looking to add packrafting specific swiftwater rescue skills to their repertoire.

Assistant Instructor

Have your IPIA level 2 (or equivalent) and rescue training? Want to take it to the next level and take the first steps towards teaching the IPIA curriculum to others? This is the course for you! Prepares you for teaching IPIA level 1 or assisting in more advanced courses.


Continue your IPIA education by enrolling in the Instructor course and become a fully certified instructor, able to teach our entire catalogue of packrafting courses.

Specialty Courses

Want to learn the ins-and-outs of multi-day expeditions? Bikerafting? How to surf in a packraft? Or maybe even how to roll? Here's where you'll find info on any specialty courses on offer.

Rise to the top

Everyone needs to start somewhere

IPIA was born out of the need to provide an entry point for packrafters with little to no prior paddling experience. If you’re new to the sport, then this is the place to start. Welcome.

count on us

Continuous Education

We provide scaffolded curriculum levels designed to help you become whatever type of packrafter YOU want to be.

try, try again

Best Practices

Our curriculum is based on modelling best practices and focusing on safety first.  We move slowly and reinforce critical skills with repetition and real world experience, making you a better and safer packrafter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our IPIA Level 1 course.  This will equip you with the skills to use the packraft in up to Grade II water, and open up a whole new world of wilderness travel.

For the IPIA Level 1 course you will need to be water confident and able to comfortably swim 200 meters without a life-jacket. Beyond this requirement you should be reasonably fit if you want to enjoy the training.

You can find a list of IPIA practical training providers HERE.  If there are none near you, talk to your local kayak training school about getting one of their instructors certified to teach the IPIA curriculum.

Most IPIA practical training providers will be able to offer gear for hire for the course. If not, check commercial packrafting operations and equire about renting gear. 

Just do it!  You won’t regret it.  Start with the Packrafting Level 1 course and don’t look back!

Certification in each of the curriculum levels requires passing both the online portion of the course and successful completion of the mandatory skills during the practical training. If you can’t complete one or more of these skills successfully during your course, you will be able to practice and retest in just these specific skills within one year to earn your certification. Depending on the provider, retesting may require a small fee. 

It's all about the journey

Here's to starting one together...

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