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About Our Packrafter Level 1 curriculum

What you need to know

The IPIA Level 1 Curriculum provides a  comprehensive  education for the beginner packrafter and includes both an online theory component and hands on practical training supervised by an IPIA instructor. You complete the online training at your own pace before finding an IPIA instructor for the practical training.

Min. Paddling Experience
Min age
16 Years old
Time commitment
~8 - 10 hr online + 2 days training
Moderate fitness + confident swimming

Path to becoming certified

How it works

Each curriculum level  has both an online course and a practical training requirement.  The online course needs to be completed prior to the practical training. 

If successful, you will receive a certificate of completion for the online course, good for two years.  Now just contact an IPIA instructor near you and schedule your practical training!

Completion of both components will earn students a full IPIA backed certification at a level commensurate with the training.

Online Course

A series of lessons  introduce relevant aspects of packrafting.   Lessons are reinforced by knowledge quizzes and a final exam reinforces key concepts.

Practical Training

A two day hands on workshop taught by a qualified IPIA instructor that puts the theory into practice.  Lessons are scaffolded to optimize  learning, comfort, and safety. 

Next steps?

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Packrafter training on river

IPIA PACKRAFTER LEVEL 1 (Online Component)

IPIA Packrafter Level 1 is designed specifically for beginning packrafters. It focuses on taking a complete novice and advancing them towards being proficient and comfortable on moving water up to Grade II. This course is the online component of the full IPIA Level 1 Curriculum and does not include the practical training component.

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