IPIA Level 1 design for all starting out with packrafting. Giving you the best possible start. This course is the online component of the full Level 1 course offered by IPIA professionals.

Course Description

The IPIA Packrafter Level 1 is designed for all beginner packrafters who want to get into the sport safely. This online course will teach you the basics from gear to whitewater features to the skills you use on a day to day basis out there playing on rivers and lakes. A strong focus is on personal safety and risk management, and self-rescue techniques. Packrafter Level 1 is the perfect course for people who like the outdoors and want to add packrafting to their skill set but have little to no paddling experience. Prerequisite: NONE

After finishing the online theory component you will get a completion certificate for the online course. You will need this when you enroll with an IPIA instructor for the Practical Training component of the Packrafter Level 1 Curriculum, which is a two day course. If you are taking the online course as a stand-alone option, your certificate of completion will remain valid for two years if you later decide to take the practical training component and become a certified IPIA Level 1 packrafter. To see a list of IPIA instructors, click HERE

NOTE–we highly recommend that you seek some sort of professional training to supplement your online learning with hands on training, even if it is not with IPIA. While we think the theory and videos offered in our online course are awesome and valuable, they are best used to augment real world instruction, not serve as a substitute for it.


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