General Knowledge
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Floor Repair

  • Clean and dry around the damaged area
  • Repair Tape: Patch-N-Go® or Tyvek® Tape typically work best on the inside or top side of the floor, since the bottom is subject to more abuse.  You may use tape on both sides if you like.  Tenacious Tape®, Gorilla Tape® and duct tape will work for very temporary repairs.  A tiny ring of Aquaseal® around the edges of a Patch-N-Go® patch will provide a long lasting repair.
  • Aquaseal®: Aquaseal is great for fixing holes and adding life to worn areas of the floor.  Clean the areas well, place a temporary piece of repair tape on the underside,  then cover the hole with about an ⅛ “ thick layer, working it into the hole to fill it.  Lay flat and allow to dry.  You may remove the tape on the underside and  the bottom with another thin layer for larger holes.  Don’t use too much! Thick repairs are more likely to get scraped off.
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